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Creative tarot

2.97 usd

Develop your intuition through playing this tarot game.Determine your own destiny by learning to listen to your inner voice and stimulate your creative processes.
Interpreting the creative tarot cards you draw is essentially a matter of listening to the intuitive messages you receive as you study the designs. A card may quite well have a different, or even the opposite, meaning from that suggested by the key words felt by the author at the beginning of the game.
Ascribe great importance to the parts of the design that attract your attention, and your feelings about them, before allowing a new story to be born…
This tarot game highlights the hidden elements which often guide our actions or underlie our emotional states. The option of drawing an additional card enables you to zone in on causes and effects more clearly.
To complement the 5 card draws available:
Possibility of reading complementary cards for every position of the game
You can memorise the cards you draw 6 languages: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese available at a click of the mouse.